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We Specialise in Responsible Wood Certified Australian Plantation Timber!

The Araucaria harvested and processed for Heritage Products is grown in plantations that are third party certified for sustainable forest management.

Chain of Custody Certification

Araucaria is a premium quality timber species native to Queensland. It is grown in large-scale sustainably-managed plantations by the HQ Plantations Pty Ltd.

Araucaria’s fine even grain, smoothness, strength and workability make it ideally suited to a wide range of high-end uses.

The advantages of Araucaria include:

  • Long, straight and thin fibres that give finer grain, smoother finish, higher strength, easier machining, and better staining, painting, nailing, bonding and bending abilities compared with Pinus species.
  • Sustainable plantation management using internationally recognised best practice environmental management systems with a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Reliability of future supply from world-class Araucaria plantations.

HQ Plantations and Araucaria

HQ Plantations 44,560 hectare Araucaria cunninghamii estate represents the rare example of native rainforest species grown successfully in a plantation environment.

Their Araucaria plantations are mainly around Imbil, Jimna, Gallangowan and Yarraman in south-east Queensland and in smaller plantations in Kalpowar, Central Queensland and Atherton, North Queensland.

HQ Plantations manage all forests under our care with a long-term, sustainable perspective that benefits our environment as well as our investors.

The history of Araucaria

Araucaria is one of the most important timber species to come from Australia’s forests over the past 100 years. Many older houses in Australia still feature the high quality Araucaria that was used in their construction and finishing. Due to Araucaria’s superior qualities, the Queensland Government started a plantation program for the species in the 1920’s. Thanks to this foresight, we now enjoy a reliable supply of Araucaria, safe in the knowledge that it is an environmentally- friendly and a totally sustainable resource.

Logging truck carting harvested logs for treatment.

Chain of Custody Certification

The Araucaria harvested and processed for Heritage Products is grown in plantations that are third party certified for sustainable forest management. Our Imbil sawmills have Araucaria Chain of Custody Certification to the Australian Standard.

What is Chain of Custody Certification?

Responsible Wood Certification Scheme gives the Queensland’s timber industry the market advantage of a “chain-of-custody” tracking process for green labelling products as coming from sustainably managed timber resources when sourced from Responsible Wood-certified forests.

Chain-of-custody certification provides a mechanism to track timber or forest products from a certified forest throughout the supply chain to an end - user. Most international forest certification schemes have associated chain-of-custody schemes.

Having a chain-of-custody system gives purchasers the highest level of confidence that the timber they are procuring originates from certified sustainably managed forests.

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