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Queensland houses are characterised by an open design and a blurring between inside and out.

At Heritage Products we have a wide range of traditional archways and breezeways to high light and enhance the internal rooms in your home.

Internal Products

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Timber arches help provide visual accents to long passages, they also help divide larger rooms and define family rooms.

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Most common in Queenslanders are the fretwork breezeway designs above doors. Not just ornamental but useful as well.

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We sell a range of Finials and Post Knobs which are available in our Heritage Product Range. These products are made from LOSP treated plantation Araucaria.

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Verandah Posts add character to any home. Manufactured from LOSP treated plantation pine, we have a selection of designs in different sizes and styles.

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We supply balustrading made from laminated clear Araucaria with an option for LOSP treatment available.

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Bring heritage charm into any home with a stunning ceiling rose from the Heritage Product Range. Available in 315mm, 500mm and 600mm diameters.

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